Raynard Bender – Director
University Of New Orleans Graduate
New Orleans, LA
Franklin Avenue Baptist Church

Raynard “Ray” Bender was born and raised in the heart of the Lower 9th ward in New Orleans, LA. As an only child with, few household playmates, he was able to tap into a wide array of imagination. Since the age of 9, he has written stories from poetry to short stories to small skits. He has now taken his writing to a new level in his first major production “If You Only Knew”. It is his continual prayer to keep God in the center of everything he does because he understands that with God, NOTHING is impossible. A strong desire to touch the souls of people is the engine that drives the train of Raynard’s passion. Much of Raynard’s character can be attributed to his child rearing. Raised solely by his mother, Barbara J. Bender, he understands what it is to totally surrender your all to Jesus. His spiritual depth is tremendously credited to God and the never ending efforts of his mother. He is often quoted as saying “this is just the beginning……God has so much more in store. Lay back and enjoy the ride”. Raynard is a unique person that always has a story to tell. Those that know him well know that his stories are always full of vigor and color. These stories are a direct result of sharing life with a family that is full of natural comedians and performers. Raynard understands what God expects of him and hopes to live up to those expectations. We ask that you join us as we follow his times and tales as he is led by God!

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