Mrs. Rachel Woods-Spears receives her dvd



Mrs. Rachel Woods-Spears receiving her Pre order, autographed, certified copy We also offer both Online Slots and Online Blackjack Tournaments, including LeoVegasin Now, the concept of setting rules is additionally true when it comes to taking part in on-line casino games. mobiilikasino on todella onnistunut. Freeplay Online Casino Tournaments. of “Dont Judge Me”!! Rachel is excited and anticipates watching every thrill and comedy pun this cast has to offer! Thanks for the support Rachel!

Kevin receives kickstarter gifts


Long time supporter of GSP, Mr. Kevin Forest receiving his kickstarter campaign gift. Kevin is amongst many that helped make online casinos Dont Judge La Roulette en ligne Internet en ligne est bien sur differente du jeu original, le processus se passant sur un ecran d’ordinateur et non pas dans le luxe d’un casino au milieu de personnes. Me a reality! Thank you all! P.S. Forgive him for being a Chicago Bears fan within the WhoDatNation!! Lol!

"Don't Judge Me" DVD's now available


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